St. John Fisher Parish Families

Activities for children

Easter Egg Hunt: Sunday after Mass before Easter. Check bulletin for date. RSVP TO Kristen via email:

Family Faith Sharing: grades 3-8

Provide catechetical experiences and sacramental preparation for youth within the context of their membership in St. John Fisher Community. Facilitate participation in activities to bring awareness to their responsibility for those less fortunate through charitable and outreach opportunities. Encourage global awareness through justice education and partnerships with the communities of Ellecuria & Eldoret. Link here to Family Faith Sharing Page with more information, forms and schedules. If you are interested in being a catechist, please contact the FFS office.

Child Church during Mass

Children from kindergarten to the fifth grade are invited to process to the activity Center, after a blessing from the community, to experience the Liturgy of the Word on their level of understanding. They return to their families before the Eucharist, sometimes participating in the Offertory as a group. If you are interested in being a leader please contact Linda Coleman.

Babysitting during Mass

Currently unavailable for children who are walking to age four. Please contact Fr. Mike if you are interested in babysitting.

Youth Group: grades 9-12

The Youth Group is a Christian group that fosters faith, fun and fellowship for all public, private and home-schooled students’ grades 9 – 12. Please click on Youth Group Page to access a calendar, forms and other information.

Activities for children

Easter Egg Hunt: Sunday, March 20, 2016 at 11:30am-1:30pm RSPV TO Kristen via email:

Boy Scouts

This troop provides young men with an opportunity to embrace values that are good for society, teaches them a variety of skills including leadership, challenges their abilities, embraces diversity and has a great time in the process. Contact Rick Drummer if your son is interested in joining.

College Age Young Adults

Catholic Campus Ministry is a strong, welcoming community of young believers who gather for a variety of spiritual, social and service opportunities each month. If you are a college age young adult Catholic looking to connect with people your own age who share your faith, interests and values, and to be a part of a community that will support you in your spiritual life, please visit the CCM page or contact Pam Holtz at