family faith sharing

Family Faith Sharing

To foster faith and growth in our children. We provide catechetical experiences and sacramental preparation (age 5 through senior high). Please access the Family Faith Sharing Handbook which provides information on the formation program, contact information, sacrament information and a calendar for the faith year.
FFS Kick-off Liturgy: September 26, 2016 at 6:30pm (counts as the first FFS session)
Protecting God's Children Workshop: Thursday, october 9, 6:30-9:30pm   More Information

Registration Forms for FFS program and Sacraments

Please click on the packet to obtain information and registration forms. Note that Catechists do receive a tuition discount. Please contact Kathy Susalla Rochon if you are interested in being a Catechist.

2016-17 Parent Letter, Registration, Emergency Card (three separate pdfs to download)
2016-17 Handbook (pdf)

Authorization forms for people participating and/or driving

When volunteers participate in events, it is mandatory that SJF implement these safety precautions.
Volunteer Background Check Authorization
Volunteer Driver Authorization

Weather Alerts and Cancellations

Find out if programs are cancelled due to bad weather at our Emergency Weather Alert Page.

Boy Scouts

This troop provides young men with an opportunity to embrace values that are good for society, teaches them a variety of skills including leadership, challenges their abilities, embraces diversity and has a great time in the process. Contact Rick Drummer if your son is interested in joining. Primary Activities include:
•Participating in weekly meetings and monthly outings involving camping, touring, learning, summer camp, and high adventure experiences.
•Support SJF activities such as Blood Drives, SOS, the Spring Plant-In, the Fall Clean-Up, and other activities.
•Establish an active Venturing program that includes young women as well as young men.
•Provide quality, screened, adult leadership to the youth in the troop.
•Sharing troop fundraising with Outreach Ministry projects.

Catholic Schools Ministry (Non-public school students)

Provides opportunities for Catholic school students to participate in activities for youth in the St. John Fisher Community and prepare students for sacrament celebration in the appropriate grades. Please contact Kathy Susalla Rochon if you need to update your information with SJF.
We will then be able to provide you with Sacrament enrollment information, celebration dates/times and extra curricular learning opportunities (field trips, social and service activities).

St. John Fisher is one of five supporting parishes of Holy Family Regional School. Holy Family consists of two campuses. North Campus services grades K-3. South Campus services grades 4-8. For more information, call 248-656-1234 (North Campus) or 248-299-3798 (South Campus) of visit

Child Church Ministry

Provide school-age children with an opportunity to experience the Liturgy of the Word on their own level of understanding. This ministry depends on adults and youth as facilitators of the children’s liturgy and as support to the nursery staff on Sundays. Our children’s liturgy leads children to reflect on their everyday lives and how they can challenge themselves and those around them in small ways to live consistent with the Gospel. If you are interested in helping: contact Linda Coleman at 248-373-6457.