Administration and Building Ministry

We are involved in many activities related to repair, maintenance, and upgrading of our SJF facilities. We oversee building projects and involve members of the community in a number of ways to provide every ministry with the accommodations they need to successfully fulfill their mission. If interested: contact Marvin Johnson at 248-377-1019. Primary Activities include:
• Maintain the parking lots by resurfacing or patching damaged areas.
• Recommend ways to improve safety and energy efficiency in the building.
• Conduct “Saturday 1/2 Work Days” to help maintain the building.
• Maintain all buildings and grounds to create an inviting atmosphere.
• Work with the Boy Scouts to develop Eagle Scout projects on our campus.
Spring Plant-In
Fall Clean-up

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Companion Ministry

Offers a caring presence and prayerful support to community members during transitional life phases and times of illness, grief, and loss. To join or for more information: contact Jan Elbert or Laura Kennedy. Primary Activities include:
• Provide services and Eucharist to care centers and the homebound.
• Pray daily for the needs, cares, and concerns of the SJF faith family and also for specific requests and intentions. Send prayer intentions to or 248-373-6457. Prayer group information
• Provide opportunities and activities for the community to come together in prayer and remembering.
• Become a visible presence in the community we serve by way of personal contact, brochures, the bulletin, cards, etc.
• Continue our formation as ministers and meet together as a peer support group.
Pastoral Letter on Ministry to the Sick
Companion Ministry Information Sheet
Grief/Loss Transition Support Group Information Sheet

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Finance Council

Provides an oversight and advisory function for the parish by reviewing the financial activities of the parish, focusing on ensuring that our commitment of treasure is being used wisely and effectively. If you are interested: contact Tom Czarnecki at 248-373-5333. Primary Activities include:
• Develop and distribute a financial report to the community.
• Promote our on-going “Electronic Offertory” program.
• Work with parish leadership to define and prioritize future needs, and manage our development campaign in support of these objectives.
• Assist the Building Committee with fundraising, which ties our Master Plan priorities to our Growing in Spirit and Commitment Campaign.
• Continuously improve the collection counting process and rotate team membership periodically.

Paving the Way - Part 2 Campaign

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Liturgical Ministers

This group enhances our liturgies as Welcomers, Lectors and Coffee Hosts. You are invited to participate in the liturgy, and through your participation, the spiritual and communal life of the parish is strengthened. Please click here to access guidelines for each activity and the current schedule for Weldomers, Lectors and Coffee Hosts.

Liturgy Preparation Ministry

This Ministry consists of two groups: Ritual Planning and Art & Environment. Their service includes ongoing attention to the Liturgical Cycle and the worship life of the parish. Ritual Planning studies and develops themes and creates rituals to enhance and encourage community participation. Art & Environment enhances the environment using the themes and rituals as inspiration. Both groups are always open to new members. Please contact Julie Czarnecki if interested. Primary Activities include:
• Monthly meetings either the second or fourth Tuesday at 7pm.
• Participation in seasonal rituals through preparation and/or set up of environments.

St. John Fisher Tapestry: A History: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

SJF Theme and Prayer 2016-17 "Encountering, Growing, and Witnessing through the Beatitudes." Theme Prayer (pdf) "

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Music Ministry

The Music Ministry assists and supports the community in its liturgies with music that is of good quality, is liturgically appropriate and reflects its pastoral needs. Please contact Terry Gonda if you are interested in joining our Music group. Primary Activities include:
• Prepares music for all liturgical activities and leads the community in music.
• Draws from a variety of musical talents from the community to meet our objectives.
• Meet before Masses to practice. More practices for Christmas and Easter Liturgies.

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Offertory and Giving

To access the following forms, please click the link: Electronic Offertory, Online Giving Forms. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Paul Borucki.

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Prayer Shawl Ministry

Knit or crochet prayer shawls and enjoy fellowship and prayer as you work. The shawls are given to anyone in need of care and prayers. This group meets once a month on Wednesday afternoons at 11am. Prayer Shawl Information
If you are interested in joining: contact Alyce Gilroy via Companion Ministry contacts Jan Elbert or Laura Kennedy.
Prayer Shawl Photo Album

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Praying Companions

St. John Fisher has a dedicated group of powerful pray-ers we call Praying Companions. We are committed to praying daily for the needs, cares, and concerns of the SJF faith family and leadership, and also pray for specific requests and intentions of chapel members. Requests can be made for a specific intention, or you can simply give the name of the person or family you would like us to hold in prayer. Very sensitive needs for prayer can simply be requested as a special intention. *All requests for prayer are kept entirely confidential. Prayer group pdf
Need Prayers? If you or someone you know is in need of prayer, email:, or phone the chapel office at 248-373-6457.

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Social Ministry

Creates opportunities for people to gather together and share life, laughter, love and most of all community with one another. If interested please contact: Janet & Mark Perwerton at 248-373-6457. Primary Activity includes:
Continue to conduct the successful social events that our community enjoys to increase involvement of all members of our community.
Events: (click to view pdf with more information)
Annual golf outing - August 21, 2016  Sign up online   FLYER

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SPURR Ministry

Support / Promotion / Understanding / Relationship / Relevancy
In promoting the Beatitudes as the lens of parish life, this committee functions as a catalyst to encourage this way of everyday living in our families, communities and the world. Please contact Elizabeth Kelly if you are interested in joining.

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Whole Community Project

This project is created as an intergenerational vehicle to parish wide communication. Click WCP Question to access the current community question. WCP Results to community responses on: Ascension, Commandments, Epiphany, and Suffering.

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